At Readiness you are an important part of our family!

We exist out of necessity!

We believe in helping others, in as many ways as we can.

Our founder and owner, Tracy Read, knew that there were so many women struggling with their weight and their self-esteem. She knew because she had those struggles her entire life. After 30 years of being overweight, unhappy and unhealthy Tracy began her journey to a happier and healthier version of herself in 2007. Fast forward to 2012, Tracy was ready for a career change and through a series of events, she realized that women needed a place they could feel safe and comfortable as they began their health and fitness journey. She thought of all the things she wished she had when she began her journey years before. She decided to open a women only fitness studio with a lot of class variety and a lot of flexibility. She knew from the very beginning that she wanted it to be a community of women empowering women. A place where women would feel supported and cared for. Since then it has transformed into so much more! Including a co-ed program so the men in our lives could attend too!

Our Rockstar Team!

Our Clients Transformed Into Certified Coaches

Tracy Read


I hold numerous fitness certifications; however, I am not on the studio floor anymore. For the past several years I have shifted my focus as a Certified Life & Nutrition Coach and Certified High Performance Coach to build exclusive programs for Readiness Fitness.

My passion and my purpose in life is to help people be the very best possible versions of themselves, inside and out through nutrition, fitness, accountability and self-awareness. I want to impact and inspire others to be better, do better, live better and love better.

I am blessed to have an incredible team to help me live my purpose!

Zackary Yanyk


I am a highly experienced fitness instructor whose work as a Steel Mace Flow Level 2 Educator has taken me all over the world. My journey in the fitness world began in 2013 after an injury ended my dreams of playing professional rugby. From there I went on to pick up certifications through a variety of companies and tools in order to expand my knowledge and be the best coach I can possibly be. I used to teach 30 classes a week at Readiness, these days you’ll see me mostly around kettlebell class as I split my time between there and my own facility, Warrior Flow Fitness.

Lynn Geber


I developed a love for fitness early in life which started with my love of dancing and doing workout tapes in my basement.

I got my group fitness certification in 1996 and have been teaching fitness classes ever since. I love music and choreography and having fun while working out.

I joined Readiness Fitness team of trainers in 2014 and love sharing my enthusiasm for fitness with the Readiness family.

Jess Paul


I pride myself of being a passionate, motivating coach. I am dedicated to helping people realize potential they never imagined they had. I joined Readiness as a client in 2014 and the training team in 2015 after earning my Personal Training Specialist certification.
I hold the following certifications: beginner yoga, Spartan SGX Levels 1 and 2, Spartan Obstacle Specialist, Steel Mace and Kettlebell.
I teach earlybird BodyBlitz 30, Restorative Stretch, and run Readiness’ Spartan SGX program. I love obstacle course racing and am proud to have competed in the Obstacle Course World Championships a couple of times.

Kim Clark


Most call me Kimmer! I got serious about my health in 2013 when I turned 40. I worked extremely hard and slowly overtime lost over 100lbs. I fell in love with health and fitness and became a regular in all types of training classes.

After some encouragement I certified as a Fitness Instructor Specialist in 2017 and I’ve been in love with Instructing ever since. I crave information and education in fitness, so I have since added many certifications to my resume. It lights me up to motivate and encourage those who are on their own fitness journey.

Kristine Trenker


I joined Readiness Fitness in 2014. It was originally scary to venture out of my comfort zone as a stay at home mom. There were days when I didn’t think I could do it, but the ladies at Readiness were so encouraging and welcoming that it made me want to go there everyday. After 4 years of attending classes I became an instructor.

Readiness is where I realized helping people live a more positive existence was what I was meant to do. It gives me joy to help people on their journey as I continue on mine. The road has never been easy, but it has definitely been rewarding!

Natasja Barlow


I joined Readiness in 2014 as a reluctant, armored up, client and I continue to show up as a client but also as a trainer. The armor is gone because Readiness has given me is so much more than just fitness. It has provided me a safe place to be myself and to flourish in my personal and professional life.

My passion is to coach others to have their own transformations and to see that the obstacles in every day life are there to challenge us but certainly not to defeat us. There is no better feeling than seeing our clients when they realize the changes they have made!

Monica Field


In 2017, I started my fitness journey as a client. In 2019, I became a fitness leader at Readiness as a certified group fitness instructor. I have acquired several other certifications in my quest to provide better variety and challenges to those in our community.

I love to help others become more than they thought they could be or do what they didn’t think was possible! The workouts we design help burn maximum calories in a minimum time, so you can fit them around your busy lifestyle.

My commitment to others is to make people who hate exercise to fall in love with fitness!

Mark Leugner


My wife, Lori, introduced me to the Spartan SGX program at Readiness Fitness in 2015. I have completed multiple Spartan races along with my family since that time. In 2019, I was asked by Tracy and Jess if I would become one of the Spartan coaches and took the Spartan SGX certification in May 2019.

The sense of family is what keeps me enjoying my time at Readiness. We support each other during tough times and celebrate with each other during good times.

If you are looking for an activity that gets you out of your comfort zone, there is nothing better than Spartan!


Carla Matt

Administrative Assistant

I joined to jump start my day and get my fitness back on track. I found a community who influenced me to focus on nutrition & fitness but also to rediscover the benefits of setting aside time just for me. I loved it so much I joined the training team as Tracy’s assistant.

My background in administration & event planning has allowed me to support our energetic leader, Tracy, and be part of her endless inspired ideas to make this the best fitness community in the city. What I love most is seeing our clients realize how their own lives can be transformed!